A Shared Journey

Our journeys are unique, but interconnected.

WYCUP is bridging a global community of young professionals trough our shared values and a desire to be part of something bigger. As we learn from one another, WYCUP is energizing emerging leaders who are well prepared to lead financial cooperatives and the communities they serve to a brighter future.

Connect with the world through WYCUP and create your own journey!

The Global Credit Union Podcast

Episode Seven: How GWLN and WYCUP are Leveling the Playing Field for Women and Youth
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Dr. Brandi Stankovic


"We engage each other in professional development."

Lateisha Black


"The experience was life changing."

Scott Sager


"I have a network of people, globally, that I can count on."

Stacey Walker


"So much energy and passion around young people."

Ben Janzen


"A network of amazing people that inspire me everyday."

Tyler Valentine


"Impacts young professionals across our region."

"WYCUP was the catalyst that started the drive to develop a leadership development group at my home credit union to carry forward the momentum" - Robin Blythe, Libro Credit Union