Take the path less traveled.

Connect your career to a world of opportunities through the WYCUP Scholarship.

WYCUP began as a scholarship program in 2001. Since then, it has awarded 111 scholarships for an all-expenses-paid trip to attend the World Credit Union Conference. No other events compare to the World Credit Union Conference when it comes to connecting with the pulse and passion of our global movement of financial cooperatives.

This year the scholarship program will focus efforts on expanding opportunities for young credit union professionals in the United Kingdom to connect and learn with their global peers during the World Credit Union Conference in Glasgow, Scotland.  We're more excited than ever to come together again after two long years of separation. It's going to be a great event!

Also this year, WYCUP will convene a task force of young professionals to explore opportunities for making the scholarship experience even more engaging and impactful. Have an idea to share? We'd love to hear it! For details on joining the task force or to share your thoughts, please contact

Stay tuned for more details soon on the timeline for the WYCUP Scholarship 2022-2023!

Thank you to CUNA Mutual Group for enriching our professional journeys as champion Sponsors of the WYCUP Scholarship Program!

Previous Scholarship Winners


  • Henrique D'Azevedo Canal, Brazil
  • Jae Kim, Canada
  • Leandro Hendges, Brazil
  • Lisa Totaro, United States
  • Stephanie Sievers, United States
  • Tanya Brown, Jamaica


  • Emma Avery, Australia
  • Robin Blythe, Canada
  • Carlos Gustavo Alves Ferreira, Brazil
  • Paul Norgrove, United Kingdom
  • Oleg Vakhrushev, Russia


  • Caroline Domanski, United Kingdom
  • Benjamin Janzen, Canada
  • Christopher Morris, United States
  • Eber Ostemberg, Brazil
  • Jenn Vandehaar, Canada


  • Brian Aalbers, Canada
  • Wesley Diniz Alves, Brazil
  • Maire Doyle, Ireland
  • Miriam De Dios, United States
  • Edyta Grzybowska, Poland


  • Yola Charles, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Michelle Coelho, Australia
  • Marcy Lovberg, Canada
  • Edel McKenna, Ireland
  • Tracia Pounder, Barbados


  • Scott Daukas, United States
  • Carol Karugu, Kenya
  • Melia Keller,United States
  • Orla O'Shea, Ireland
  • Cas Scott, Australia


  • Julie Ferguson, Ireland
  • Ross Lanbrick, Australia
  • Carolyne Luvembe, Kenya
  • Jeff Rout, Canada
  • Amy Stanton, United States


  • Joe Agro, Canada
  • Anna Corona, United States
  • Nicholas May, Australia
  • Rachel Milan, Canada
  • Rafal Sokolowski, Poland


  • Elizabeth V. Randall, United States
  • Izabela Rutkowska, Poland
  • Ryan Visscher, Canada
  • Stacey Walker, United States
  • Eleonora Zgonjanin Petrovik, Macedonia


  • Tom Atkins, Canada
  • Alison Carr, United States
  • Anne-Marie Coffey, Ireland
  • Darcy Mykytyshyn, Canada
  • Shoba Gunasekaran, Singapore


  • Sherri Fogwill, Canada
  • Tina Hall, United States
  • Karla Herrera, Guatemala
  • Michael Mack, Australia
  • Sandra Phillips, Canada


  • Glenn Bolger, Canada
  • Catherine Coffey, Ireland
  • Hillary Jalafi, Malawi
  • Dorwin Manzano, Trinidad
  • Irwing Pinares-Silva, Peru


  • Justine Conley, Australia
  • Jeanne Kim, United States
  • Jan Knowles, Bahamas
  • Malcolm Stoffman, Canada
  • Katarzyna Uniwersal, Poland


  • Rod Ashley, United Kingdom
  • John Klassen, Canada
  • Skott Pope, United States
  • Maurice Wright, Jamaica
  • Amy Penick, United States


  • Mary Baxter, United States
  • Grzegorz Buckowski, Poland
  • Bradford Caldwell, United States
  • Lana Catalano, Canada
  • Andrew Leys, New Zealand