The WYCUP ConneXion



This is the place where the where the world’s young credit union professionals come together. The WYCUP ConneXion is an international networking platform that bridges young professionals to their peers around the world. It’s a fun way to expand your network and learn something new (and unexpected) in the process.  


We should talk to one another more. It’s never been easier. 
It’s important to remember that we're not alone. More than 300 million people in 118 countries are connected through their credit unions and financial cooperatives. Do you ever wonder what they’re up to? Do they face the same challenges? Have they figured things out?

A powerful resource for emerging leaders – join us and connect your career to global support network of peers from around the world!
International perspectives help us to better understand ourselves. When we connect with our peers across borders, we open our mind to new ways of looking at our local realities. We become more empathetic and aware of our shared interest in the success of all people. We find solutions to our common challenges. And we encounter new opportunities to collaborate!


The WYCUP ConneXion includes a monthly international speed networking session where young professionals from credit unions around the world share a bit about themselves and explore the diversity of realities facing young people around the world. This is not just another webinar.

Every session is unique in terms of the experience and countries in attendance. We connect in small diverse groups, introduce ourselves, share our goals, highlight our successes, identify our challenges and explore common solutions. It’s a fun, fast-paced and engaging networking experience.

It doesn’t matter whether you just started working for a credit union or if you’re a seasoned professional. Our global diversity of experience is what makes us unique! Connect your career to the world through the WYCUP ConneXion!

Stay tuned! The 2022 ConneXion calendar will be announced soon!

Virtual Summits: A toolkit for global engagment

Our monthly networking sessions connect the dots and start the conversation, but it takes a Deeper ConneXion to fill in the details with color.

WYCUP is now developing a toolkit of resources for credit unions, employee groups and young professional networks to prepare and implement a deeper virtual engagement activity through Virtual Summits! We're connecting young professionals around the world through their credit unions and encouraging greater collaboration and exchange. Stay tuned for the launch of this new shared resource soon!